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Chelsea’s Skin Care Story

Managing your skin can be a challenge, but what if you have a family who also experiences various skin issues? Many people have described how well our Clarifying Cream helps to support their family, but Chelsea has made a considerable effort to chronicle her use of the cream and continues to explore how it can help others in her life. 

"Anyone with problem skin NEEDS to try it!"

From Chelsea:

This product works SO well. Anyone with problem skin NEEDS to try it. It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever seen or heard of. Amazingly effective. Versatile. And most importantly it’s safe and has NO adverse effects.

My acne-prone skin. I first used the Clarifying Cream a couple years ago when I had a consultation at a clinic in Calgary, who recommended it to help treat the appearance of acne. It worked so well! After several months of clear skin, I stopped using it. Slowly my blemishes got out of control again, and I ended up purchasing more.

After 1 week I could tell it was working. And after 4 weeks my face is so smooth I can’t believe what I’m feeling when I touch it. It looks so good too. I didn’t realize how much redness and inflammation I had (and how aging it was) until the sight of it was gone. Using the cream has allowed my skin to stabilize, with underlying red/purple marks from past acne all but disappearing. I experienced no side effects. No dryness. No peeling. No increased oil. It just works.

My body odour. I have tried every deodorant under the sun. Regular, extra strength, clinical strength, natural, home made. Spray, roll on, stick, cream... even rocks. Every brand. I even had Botox injections, which didn’t work either. Antibacterial washes like Trisan (not just Dial (that didn’t help)) would work for a couple weeks, then stop. Drysol and the like worked but were so irritating that I couldn’t use them more than a couple times. Ouch!

When I purchased Zyderma again for my face I decided to give it a try on my underarms. Why not, right? Well Hallelujah! It’s a miracle. Now I use half a pump under each arm plus a natural deodorant and problem solved! After years and hundreds of dollars, finally a solution. The embarrassment, worry and anxiety...and laundry...Thank you, just doesn’t cut it.

My son’s skin. My 3-year-old son developed a sore on his face, near his mouth, I believe due to his previously diagnosed eczema. It’s not unusual for him to get dry red patches but this one became red with a yellow crusty scabby looking mark. Before jumping to an antibiotic ointment, I tried the Clarifying Cream on the area at night before bed. The next day it was less angry looking, so I stuck with it. His skin looks better too!

Zyderma: Chelsea's Skin Care Story

My daughter’s skin. I started using the Clarifying Cream on my 4.5-year-old daughter immediately when we saw the beginning of a new rash we suspected to be bacterial. Previously she had experienced this type of infection after spending time in a hot tub we now believe was contaminated. She needed several rounds oral antibiotics and creams before it cleared. So, imagine my horror when I thought she had another infection.

This time, I switched from an antibiotic to Zyderma. A few new pimples had popped-up here and there as they did with antibiotic cream but using the Clarifying Cream twice to four times a day they slowly reduced in appearance and didn’t spread. With Zyderma they didn’t get nearly as big or red and swollen either. Nor did they rupture. They just slowly shrunk and disappeared. Within three days it cleared. I’m just so thankful for this product.

My mother’s scalp. My mom has a condition across her entire scalp that’s very itchy, tender, sore and gets little pimples. The dermatologist told her its “chronic dermatitis.” Which is made worse by hair products like hair spray etc. Steroid creams and antibiotic creams have helped but it comes back again when she stops using them. Mom is trying out the Clarifying Cream on a small area and said that so far, it’s helping.

With all we know now about antibiotic resistance and how important the natural microbial balance is, I could not be more relieved to have something that works for my whole family and is not a drug. Thank you so much for creating this product. Our house will never be without it.

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