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Jaime's Skin Care Story

If you have never suffered from acne-prone or problem skin, you may find it hard to relate to the emotional and sometimes physical anguish associated with looking and feeling different.

Can you imagine though, being a teenager dealing with acne, which sucks, only to suddenly be facing a life threatening infection? A bacteria known as, staphylococcus, which “most of the time, these bacteria cause no problems or result in relatively minor skin infections” (source: Mayo Clinic) but for Jaime, it travelled deep into an injury and caused a serious infection. Why some people are affected by staph and others are not, may have to do with the fact that antibiotic resistant bacteria are becoming more prevalent.

We can only imagine the anguish her family felt as they struggled to keep their precious girl healthy. Jaime is now a vivacious young woman who has graciously shared her story with us. Thank you!

"It's great to enjoy my life again!"

From Jaime:

I was 17, helping my mom bring in groceries from the car and bending down into the trunk when I was suddenly struck in the face by the trunk door! There was a serious gash across the top of my nose.

My face was so red, bruised and swollen from the accident. 2 weeks later, I tried using a popular drugstore product to heal the cut on my nose but it inflamed and swelled even more. I had to go to emergency! At the hospital, an ER doctor swabbed my wound and the lab diagnosed that there was a cellulitis infection caused by staphylococcus bacteria. 

I was admitted and told to come back every 8 hours for antibiotics via IV. After being discharged and knowing a great deal more about this infection, my family took me to multiple doctors and hospitals for second opinions to ensure it would not affect my brain and vision.

Since then, I have suffered from multiple rounds of recurrent staph infections localized on my face, requiring multiple rounds of IV antibiotics, followed by year-long "remission" phases of bumpy pimples. I was never completely acne free throughout it all, thus tried multiple facial washes and lotions to prevent acne. I also used harsh antibiotics (Clindamycin for staph & Doxicylin for acne) which lead to susceptibility in getting food poisoning and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). There was never a 100% connection to the acne and staph by doctors, thus many doctors suggested I go on Accutane to control it. However, knowing the potential dangers and side effects, I was not willing to put my body at risk.

While trying to manage my acne, I’d also been going to an infectious disease specialist, dermatologists, immunologists, naturopaths, homeopaths, and allergy specialists to determine why I had recurrent staph infections. Finally, a naturopath/homeopath determined that the staph was resistant and had remained in my blood over the years.

To manage what was happening in my body I ate clean, went through rigorous treatments of drinking colloidal silver (self-directed), liver cleanses, and took supplements in order to kill remaining staph infection in the blood. I’d done significant research online looking for empirical evidence of substances that actually kill staph bacteria, this is what lead me to silver products.

With a plan set for cleansing my blood, I continued searching for a silver moisturizer after noticing the decreased recovery time of the staph infections. My naturopath recommended the use of Zyderma with MicroSilverBGTM for promoting a safe, antibacterial environment on my face.

After using 2 bottles of Zyderma’s Clarifying Cream (as directed), my face has transformed into smooth, clear, and glowing! Finally, at the age of 24, I feel confident and as though I have cracked the code with the issues relating to the staph infections and acne. My face has been clear for months and the acne scars have reduced drastically as well!

I believe using Zyderma into the future will protect me against any future facial infections and acne.

Zyderma: Jaime's Skin Care Story

To learn about the differences between colloidal silver & MicroSilverBGTM, visit our Product FAQs page.

Infections caused by staph bacteria include: Skin infections (boils, impetigo, cellulitis & staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome. Food Poisoning, Bacteremia, Toxic Shock Syndrome, Septic Arthritis. For more information on the signs and symptoms of these infections, visit the Mayo Clinic.

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