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Victoria's Skin Care Story

Have you ever tried recommending a product to someone who suffers from problem skin? It can be difficult! Often when we receive feedback from a client, we are told how “a friend recommended the product” and wonder how that conversation might have went. Now we have the unique opportunity to share the perspective of “the friend” too!

“Victoria is an outgoing person who has openly discussed her search for a product to help her skin. When I learned about Zyderma’s Clarifying Cream and how it uses MicroSilverBG™, I thought it may be something she’d be willing to consider. I shared what I knew about the product and she was interested, so I offered her a sample that I’d received too. I’m happy that she’s seeing such great results!” ~ Amy

"A colleague gave me a sample to try... I used it and won't use anything but anymore!"

From Victoria:

As a teenager, I always had really great skin. It wasn't until I got into my 20's where I began to get acne. It wasn't just normal acne, but painful cystic acne which was diagnosed by my doctor, not a dermatologist. To my knowledge there was no specific cause. It was happening even with a healthy diet and regular cleansing.

I think I have tried every product under the sun! (ProActiv, Rodan + Fields, Kate Sommerville, NeoStrata, etc.) I have tried various facials and medications (TactuPump, Tri-cyclen and benzamycin) all prescribed by my doctor who claimed that the medications he gave me would be the same as a dermatologist even though I really wanted to go. I used these for weeks but they were extremely harsh on my skin. The TactuPump made my whole face look like I had frost bite!

Nothing has worked like Zyderma’s amazing product! I feel like I can actually go out of the house without make up on again. I don't need to be embarrassed of my red skin and bumps all over. Not only has it helped decrease my acne in just 2 weeks but it's also made my scarring a lot less visible. I would recommend this product to absolutely anyone!

Zyderma: Victoria's Skin Care Story

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Aug 18, 2017 • Posted by Jodie Brown

Victoria is my family member and I suffer from PCOS which is associated with acne. I have tried a ton of stuff and am ready for my last result, Accutane. I really don’t want to. Victoria came by today and I saw how amazing her skin looked. As a last attempt before the scary drug I am so excited to try!!!!
…off to order

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