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Zyderma HS™ - No Contraindications

There are many topical and prescribed products used to treat acne on the market; and, there are contraindications for each, as they have a drug component and thus are prescribed under the care of a physician. Each drug manufacturer will list interactions and contraindications for their respective products.

Our Clarifying Cream differs from many topical products, as it is a drug free, developed to reduce the colonization and growth of harmful bacteria and microorganisms from acne-prone and problem skin, and to support the skin's own natural healing process. All components in the formulation are Eco Certified and no contraindications exist. This is not a prescribed product.

There are three major components to Zyderma HS™:

  1. MicroSilver BG™ - this is large particle, pure elemental silver that is inert to the human body. Releasing silver ions on the skin disrupts the transport mechanism of bacteria, causing it to perish.
  2. 1,3 propanediol - is a corn derivative that is not easily absorbed by the skin (unlike 1,2 propanediol which is a petroleum based product), therefore lowering the chances for irritation.
  3. Cetearyl Olivate & Sobitan Olivate (PEG-FREE) - this olive oil derived emulsifier is one of the cosmetic industry's best moisturizers while eliminating redness of the skin that is often associated with skin issues.

Thousands of people have used Zyderma HS™ with no issue. It normalizes the skin flora, helps protect against dry, itchy skin and helps maintain healthy looking skin, even long after the product has been applied.

Zyderma HS™ should not be used in conjunction with other topical acne medications. As some medications are designed to cause the skin to peel, placing Zyderma HS™ on top of the medication would hold the acne medication for a prolonged period of time, causing an irritation.

Zyderma HS™ should not be used with any other therapies. Instruction for use: simply wash and dry the affected area and place the cream on the skin. Do not wash the cream off. Do this procedure once in the morning and again at night before going to sleep. Within days, your skin should look much better.

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