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Side Effects of Active Ingredients

There are many skin-cleansing products that contain active ingredients; such as, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide for acne prevention and treatment. While active ingredients such as these, either increase cellular replacement or kill the bacteria that can lead to acne and create an unsuitable environment for bacteria, there are definite risks, contraindications and side effects. For many people these include, drying, red and inflamed skin, peeling skin, and in some cases allergic reactions, as documented by the FDA.

Acne sufferers want and need products that will not have a negative impact on their skin and health.

There is new hope for suffers of mild to moderate acne with our Antimicrobial Clarifying Cream, which is safe to use with no contraindications, it's free of side effects and it improves the skin's appearance quickly and lastingly. Users of our product have even reported a clearer looking complexion within 3-7 days, which is a notable difference from the several weeks it may take for other products, due in part, to the time it takes to recover from skin irritations.

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