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How It Works

The porous MicroSilver BG™ particles in our Clarifying Cream formula provide a high and sustained antimicrobial cleansing action by continuously releasing silver ions. This reduces the colonization and growth of harmful bacteria and microorganisms and supports the skin’s natural healing process.

MicroSilver BG™ improves the skin's appearance quickly and lastingly. It helps to reduce the risk of skin problems caused by overpopulation of germs.

Skin care products with MicroSilver BG™ form an invisible film on the surface of the skin. Even after other ingredients are absorbed the MicroSilver BG™ particles remain on the surface of the skin and continue to provide antimicrobial cleansing activity.


MicroSilver BG™ Features & Benefits:

 Feature Benefit
Regulating Highly effective cleanser of a broad spectrum of microbes
Protective Normalizes the skin flora, helps protect against dry, itchy skin
Stabilizing Cleansing activity helps maintain healthy looking skin, even long after the product has been applied.


The History of Silver Page:

Silver, or Ag, is derived from the Latin word «argentum». Silver has been worked since around the 5th Century B.C. It was used, for example, by the Assyrians, the Goths, the Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians and the Germanic peoples. At times, it was considered to be more precious than gold. To the Egyptians in Antiquity, silver was known as «lunar metal».

Cyrus, founder of the Persian Empire in the 5th Century B.C., already drank boiled water from the Choapses River in silver jugs. The pioneers of the American Far West put pieces of silver in their bottles to preserve water or fresh milk.

Carl von Naegeli (1817-1891) was the first to describe, in a scientific manner, the broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect of silver.

In medicine, silver is used for dressings as well as for small surgical devices, and even to cover prosthesis.