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Mary's Skin Care Story

Mary is a busy mom with teen-aged kids. She talks about searching for an acne solution for her son, wishing for a safe & effective alternative to drugs & medicated creams. We are grateful to Mary for keeping in touch and providing us with an update, and elated to hear that Zyderma is helping the whole family!

"It truly helps with the awkward teenage years."

March 2014 

Before you try antibiotics and tropical prescription creams try Zyderma. I wish I had. For 2 years, from the age of 14 years old, my son was on prescription drugs and cream for his acne. The cream would dry and flake his already irritated skin. His acne was mild to moderate and yet no drug was working. Before that, we'd tried different brands but most had too many steps and products to follow (example Proactiv). My son never said much about how he was feeling during this time but we noticed he wasn't as social as he used to be. Finally, our last resort was Accutane and we did not want to go down that path!

Then my friend mentioned this Clarifying Cream she'd heard about, so I ordered the sample and thought why not? Hoping and praying... and, ready for disappointment because if meds weren't helping why would this cream? As I said, Accutane was in his future and was it worth the risk?

The sample arrived and after three days of using Zyderma, the results were fantastic. His face was clear! All he had left were some blackheads. This stuff is amazing! He discontinued the original meds and creams. He currently only uses Zyderma morning and night, as directed. 

His confidence was through the roof and he was back to his old self. Happy, confident and very social!

After two months of regular use, we are happy to report no flare-ups or new outbreaks. My 15 year old daughter is also using it for the occasional outbreak and loves it! I wish I knew about Zyderma two years ago.

I have and will continue recommending Zyderma to my friends and family......and dermatologists!

Thank you Zyderma. ....thank you!


June 2015 - just over a year later.

Both my older kids now use the Clarifying Cream for their skin maintenance. My husband and daughter also use it for eczema. Truly amazing, only a small amount is needed for great and most importantly lasting results.

Zyderma asked me if I ever did talk to our dermatologist about the Clarifying Cream, and I think I did mention it. However, I never followed up because we cancelled his next app. Seriously, we never went back. Didn't need to because Zyderma did what 2 years of prescription antibiotics and creams couldn't do.

I believe every household with teens needs to have Zyderma on hand. It truly helps with the awkward teenage years.

Again, thank you Zyderma!


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