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Recycle With Us

The Zero Waste Action Plan is Zyderma's commitment to achieve 100% life cycle management through multi-stream recycling.

Help us create a cleaner world and avoid landfills. Return your Zyderma packaging via the programs below, whereby empty bottles are recycled by TerraCycle into new, environmentally responsible products.

Have a questions? Email us at info@zyderma.com

Drop-off Locations (US & Canadian residents)

Empty bottles can also be dropped off at any one of the participating retail centers below, where they are collected and sent to either TerraCycle or Pact Collective for processing.


Portia-Ella British Columbia

The Detox Market - Toronto

Truth Beauty Company 


Credo Beauty - California

Credo Beauty - Illinois

Credo Beauty - Massachusetts

Credo Beauty – New York

Credo Beauty – Texas

ROOTS Beauty – California

The Detox Market - New York

The Detox Market - California

About TerraCycle

TerraCycle recycles and up-cycles waste instead of incinerating or land-filling it, which is a significantly better solution for waste than traditional methods. They also provide waste with a new life, creating usable new products out of items that would have simply been thrown out.

Visit: terracycle.com

About Pact Collective

The vast majority of beauty packaging is unsustainable. Pact is a nonprofit collective of beauty industry stakeholders taking responsibility for our industry's packaging problem. Pact believes that “sustainable” and “circular” are not marketing terms, but a journey and a vision that we all need to play an active role in.

Visit: pactcollective.org