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Skin Flora

There are a great number of factors that can contribute to the appearance of problem skin, including a wide array of environmental microorganisms.

Microorganisms are also a natural part of our skin flora. Our skin actively manages the population of the approximately 2,000 different species that reside on our skin (or biome) through sloughing, continuous cell turnover, sebum production and other mechanisms. When this system is compromised, the number & type of microbes can become unbalanced.

Throughout the centuries silver is used for its ability to maintain the balance of skin flora and help reduce the appearance of problem skin.


Studies have shown that microsilver cleanses the skin of microbes and reduce the appearance of problem skin.

Upon application, the cream dissipates leaving the microsilver on the surface and within the folds of the skin. Until washed off, the microsilver continuously releases silver ions, which cleanse the skin of environmental microbes.

Ionization is the result of microsilver particles exposed to a moist environment on the skin’s surface. Released silver ions (Ag+) first bind themselves to microbes, then both deactivate the transport systems and disrupt cell membranes of bacteria to prevent cell division. Without energy production, bacteria can no longer proliferate.

Microsilver also deodorizes, as its activity reduces odor causing bacteria.

What is Microsilver?

Microsilver, invented by Bio-Gate AG in Germany, is a highly pure elementary silver manufactured using a unique physical process, and as a chemical element is a natural product. Many institutes and certifying bodies have confirmed our high quality standards.

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