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A "Leave-on" Cream Cleanser

"Is it a cream or is it a cleanser?" It's a "leave-on cream" that offers an excellent and gentle way to help individuals with their daily maintenance of healthy looking skin. It even cleanses your skin while under make-up!

How it works: Our Clarifying Cream does not need to be washed off. We say that it cleanses because as soon as you apply the product, the cleansing action of MicroSilver BG™ reduces the number of environmental microorganisms that can lead to the appearance of unhealthy skin; while supporting the natural balance of skin microflora.

Long-lasting: Micronized silver continuously generates silver ions until washed off.

How to apply it: The Instructions for use are simple. Depending on where you need to use the cream, you can dab onto a small area (cheeks, nose, forehead) or gently massage onto a larger area (whole face & neck, chest, back, etc). We recommend applying to clean skin once in the morning and again before bed. 

Wear under make-up: Micronized silver forms an invisible mesh on the surface of the skin. Even after all other ingredients are absorbed, the microsilver particles remain on the surface of the skin and continue to provide microbial cleansing activity. Incorporating the Clarifying Cream into your daily skin care regimen is straight forward. Apply your serums, then Clarifying Cream, then moisturizer/anti-aging creams, then SFP, then your make-up.

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