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Think Dirty® Reviews Zyderma HS™

We believe our Clarifying Cream is one of the best options for maintenance of health looking skin. Our proprietary formula was consciously created with clean living in mind; and therefore, we maintain it is safe for you & our environment. Our goal is to provide product you can feel good about purchasing for yourself and your family.

So confident in our Clarifying Cream, we submitted our formula for review by an independent organization, called Think Dirty®. Think Dirty® assesses ingredients and the potential health risks associated with a variety of personal care products. Did you know some very popular skin care products are loaded with carcinogens?

Woot Woot! We received an outstanding CLEAN rating of "0", which is the best score a product can achieve!  Suffice it to say our Clarifying Cream improves the appearance of your skin, without use of harsh ingredients.

Do your skin care products pose a potential health risk? To find out, get the Think Dirty® AppShop Clean & Live Clean.

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