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The Thrill of the Tweet

Not sure if social networking is worth the effort? As an emerging brand in the Indie Beauty sector, we know it can be challenging to break-out and grab a piece of the action. We have a wonderful product and work tirelessly to tell others about it. Some may even ask, why bother? Well, because we’re in love with our Clarifying Cream, we’re passionate about helping others and maybe even a lil’ bit crazy, that’s why!

With a shift in consumer awareness toward naturally-derived ingredients, people are educating themselves on the science behind formulations. That's what Zyderma brings to the table. Clean, green and cruelty-free skincare that supports the skin healthy appearance.

In addition to good ole knocking on doors, social networking, especially Twitter, has been a great way for us to connect with Stockists and potential clients; not to mention, brands in both the same and different industries. The time and energy we spend cultivating relationships is invaluable.

Without Twitter we'd never have met people like Cadi Jordan of Jordan Consulting and Kathy Rabinovitch-Marliss of Beauty & Wellness TV who have become wonderful allies and advocates for our company. Joining a community, such as Beauty & Wellness TV, provides support and connections with like-minded people and businesses that you may have otherwise never met. This community will inspire you to push forth and be the best brand you can be!

Wonderful and unexpected social media results!

Reaching out can bring forth surprising results too! In an effort to educate and tell our story, we reached out Sarita Coren (the godmother of green beauty), blogger of Edible Facial and a highly respected voice in the beauty industry. She immediately recognized the unique quality of our product and put us in touch with clinical spa owner, celebrity aesthetician and co-founder of Indie Beauty Expo, Jillian Wright. This connection was unexpected, exciting and greatly appreciated!

After a flurry of Tweets and introductions, we chatted and learned more about each other. Jillian confirmed that we were a fit for the Indie Beauty Expo; and, before we knew it we were an Indie Beauty brand. Well, ok! You may be wondering… What is Indie Beauty?

Since then we’ve been connecting with other Indie Beauty brands via Twitter, InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn. With invite in-hand we’re preparing to participate in an industry first, the Indie Beauty Expo to be held at The Altman Building in Manhattan, NY on August 27, 2015! We look forward to meeting everyone in person; and of course the obvious, establishing connections with skincare specialists, clinical spa owners, distributors and consumers.

Make Connections!

We've teamed-up with PatchBox! They are an exciting new company whose goal is to help people with problem skin. Guess how we connected with Patchbox? Twitter! You just never know who you'll connect with when you start tweeting, following and sharing. We’re always working toward our goals and never stop thinking about how we can support our clients; because without them, who are we?

Convinced that social networking is worth a shot? Build-up your social media muscles by connecting with us; and then, get out there and have some fun promoting your own business!


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