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Instructions for Optimal Results

Like many people concerned about the appearance of healthy skin, you may have acquired many products to help you look your best; but, still need help with the appearance of problem skin. We're here to help!

Please read thoroughly before using this product:

1. We recommend using only the Clarifying Cream for at least a week to avoid interactions with the other products, and to see the full benefit of the cream on your skin.

2. Prepare the skin by removing make-up, pollutants and all product residue from the skin.  Note: If not properly prepared, irritants from make-up, moisturizers, etc. may become trapped under the cream and cause irritation.

3. Wash your face with a Gentle Cleanser that does not pull moisture out of your skin (do not use cleansers with benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or any other harsh chemicals)  Note: Exfoliation is necessary to slough off dry and damaged skin. Use a gentle product like a Konjac Facial Sponge. Some exfoliators can actually damage skin. If you have sensitive skin once a week is all you need, but with a konjac sponge, it can be used daily.

4. Dry the skin with a clean towel.

5. Apply your serums.  Note: Always apply product lightest to heaviest.

6. Apply Clarifying Cream, as needed, by dabbing it onto a small area (cheeks, nose, forehead) or gently massage onto a larger area (whole face & neck, chest, back, etc). Do not rinse off.  Note:  It is scent free, smooth, spreads well, and goes on clear. To be used on external areas only. Keep away from eyes. 

7. Apply your moisturizer or anti-aging lotion.  Note: You may find that you will not need as much moisturizer for long. Our Clarifying Cream has wonderful hydrating ingredients, and microsilver works to balance the skin's microflora.

8. Apply sunscreen.

9. Apply make-up with clean brushes & applicators. Regular cleansing of make-up tools helps to reduce microorganisms that can contribute to the appearance of problem skin.  Note: Our Clarifying Cream will not affect your make-up. In fact, we've had clients boast about how well their make-up lasts over the course of the day because of the cream.

Pro tip: Use our Gentle Foaming Cleanser to keep your brushes clean!

Night Time Use: We recommend applying the Clarifying Cream again, before bed (following our Instructions for Use). While you sleep your skin is healing itself, and needs to be free of make-up and grime.


Aug 03, 2019 • Posted by Team Zyderma

Hello Asumau,

Thank you for reaching out! You can purchase directly from our website: https://www.zyderma.com/collections/all
you can visit our Where to Buy page https://www.zyderma.com/pages/where-to-buy to discover a location near you!

Don’t hesitate to contact us with additional questions.

Aug 03, 2019 • Posted by Asmau ishaq

Where can I get the cream & how much?

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