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Welcome Everyone to Zyderma!

From inception, our mission has been to formulate product that will support people (all ages and all skin types) who experience problematic skin. Our products are dermatologist tested: hypo-allergenic and non-irritant to ensure that they function the way they are intended.

Over the past 10+ years our Clarifying Cream has been primarily sold in med spas and skincare clinics across Canada. These locations are comprised of physicians, licensed estheticians and accredited skin therapists who specialize in the unique and deeply personal skincare needs of people within the full range of Fitzpatrick Skin Types (FST). While FST is important it does not factor in race or cultural background. What we love about these stockists, is that they meet each person as an individual to ensure they know more about who they are beyond the colour of their skin.

Our day to day work often includes discussions with customers helping them sort out their daily skincare routines and when needed, encouraging them to contact a physician and/or a wellness professional. A Naturopath for example, can provide an assessment and treatment options when topical products simply are not enough. We believe in taking a holistic approach to skincare.

In the past few years, our retail presence has become more diverse with partnerships in the green beauty space and online consultants across North America, with clinics in the USA now too. With this growth we have been fortunate to develop relationships with inspiring stockists, content contributors, influencers, models and make-up artists (MUA) who are women & men diverse in culture, skin colour and personality.

In light of recent discussions about how well brands represent black people, Indigenous people and people of colour (BIPOC), we have come to realize that what we do behind the scenes with our stockists, extended team and customer support doesn’t necessarily translate to what you see on social media. If we have made anyone feel excluded, we sincerely apologize. We will do better.

With so much time invested in product education over the years, its thrilling when a MUA embraces the benefits of our product, tags us in a stunning image and gives us permission to share. We realize though that not everyone wears make-up, so we also need to figure out how to better represent everyday people from everywhere.

Bear with us as we do so.

Feel free to tag @Zydermahs #zyderma on your own make-up and/or make-up free looks; and, send your suggestions to help us serve you better! 

We truly are about helping EVERYONE achieve healthy looking skin.


Kelly & Rick

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