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Hannah's Skin Care Story

Words cannot describe the emotional tug we feel on our heart strings when we hear stories like Hannah’s. About a young person who sufferers early on with not only acne, but with a chronic skin condition too. So when we receive an endorsement like this, where a child feels compelled to pen her own wonderful testimony complete with before and after photos, well… how can we help but feel tremendously grateful to her for being fearless enough to share it all with us. Bravo Hanna! Thank you!

“Zyderma has boosted my confidence.”

From Hannah:

Hi! My name is Hannah. I’m 14 years old.

Over this past year I have felt less confident in the way I looked as I started to get more acne on my face. I was asking my mother to put foundation on my face every day to cover it up, but my friends could see that I was wearing makeup and trying to cover up my acne.

Now that I have been using Zyderma I have seen a huge difference in my skin.  This summer I have been wearing no makeup and feeling much better about myself and the way I look.  I have less to sometimes no acne and the redness in my face has toned down. I am very grateful to have found this product.

Zyderma has not only boosted my confidence but has also made my skin feel smoother and look so much better. 

From Hannah’s Mom:

As a parent with a child who suffers with a chronic skin condition, keratosis pilaris, that makes her face extremely red, and then to add the occasional teenage acne break out, I have to say it makes for many moments of tears and frustration for my daughter. This also breaks my heart as we have tried so many lotions and potions with little to no results. 

Words cannot truly express the gratitude we both have for finding Zyderma. Not only has this product calmed the redness, but also cleared her acne as well. For the first time in several years my daughter can go to school without feeling the need to cover up her face with foundation.

Hannah has so much more self-confidence and seeing that is truly priceless. I highly recommend giving Zyderma a try!

Zyderma: Hannah's Skin Care Story

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