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Brigette’s Skin Care Story

Skin care professionals (dermatologists, naturopaths and medical aestheticians) are trained to help individuals with their skin problems. Combined therapies and client education are often required for long-term goals and maintenance. We realize that wonderful results like these, submitted by JEM Aesthetics & Skin Care Clinic, are not always from our Clarifying Cream alone. We think it’s important to demonstrate the importance of skin care professionals and to let other professionals see the potential for their clients and businesses.

"My skin is finally under control! FINALLY."

From JEM Aesthetics & Skin Care Clinic – Co-Owner Emilee Fernandes

Our own Glam Girl B, tells her story of how dedicating herself to new skincare treatments for acne-prone skin has changed her life! Switching from highly regarded chemical products to naturally-derived options can certainly be effective! I know many of our clients can relate to similar experiences with our product lines. Whether aging, acne-prone, dry or sensitive skin, we have an all-natural solution for you.

Without being able to provide our clients with the proper products for at home care that we also use in our treatments, the results from our skincare services wouldn’t be maintained! It’s fantastic being able to supply a unique and effective product that our clients love and help to reach their skincare goals. We love Zyderma Clarifying Cream, as well as the amazing service we receive from your company time after time. Your passion for Zyderma is contagious and we are so lucky to be able to spread the love. 

From Brigette

For the past few years I have struggled with my skin. I’ve tried every product line, experimented with retinol, and used harsh exfoliating chemicals in hopes to improve my skin (as these products stated they would do).

Hundreds of dollars later, I was still left with dry, sensitive skin that easily became irritated & reddened, along with congested pores. It wasn't until this summer Emilee said, "I have a few new lines I want you to try." Naturally, I jumped at the chance to do anything I could to rid my troubled skin once and for all. I had nothing left to lose and once again started from scratch.

Emilee introduced me to an amazing combination of products that were not only naturally-derived and cruelty-free, but would finally take care of my skin and give me the results that I have been searching for! She explained to me that we needed to go back to the basics and instead of stripping my skin of all the natural oils we needed to add more oil to nourish and replenish my skins lipids. By doing this we were able to balance an overabundance of oil production (because I was actually making more because I used oil-free products) and provide nourishment for dryness and sensitivities, all while still treating any environmental microorganisms on the skin's surface.

I'm now just over 3 months into my new routine using Zyderma HS Clarifying Cream and Corpa Flora's Oil cleanser and night oil treatment. The effective home care routine along with monthly microdermabrasion treatments with Emilee and I'm hooked! My skin is hydrated, glowing and my breakouts are finally under control! FINALLY."

I have never been happier with my skin! I’m so excited to continue with this product and recommend it to anyone!”

Zyderma: Brigette's Skin Care Story

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