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Nicole's Skin Care Story

Imagine our surprise to see skincare posts about our Clarifying Cream on Instagram from the stunning professional model and natural beauty, Nicole Robertson (NUMA Models). Of course, we had to reach out to say Thank You! and, find out how she learned about Zyderma. 

"I recommend it to my friends!"

From Nicole:

I’ve been managing the appearance of skin issues on and off since puberty! I’d get regular facials and try different products on my skin, but nothing seemed to work. My skin was too sensitive, and the products I chose were too harsh.

Skin is important in the modelling industry and it can be difficult to keep it looking healthy. Between lots of travel and different types of products used by makeup artists, along with repeated makeup applications and removal, my skin would react. Makeup wipes, I can't handle them at all!

Over the years, I have seen 4 different dermatologists. None of their creams or treatments worked! And I'm not one to ever take medications. Not even birth control to clear-up my skin.

I went for facial about a year ago at Envy Me Medi Spa. The aesthetician recommended Zyderma because she was obsessed with the product and said it has worked wonders on herself, and her clients. 

I fell in love and have been using the Clarifying Cream ever since!! I love it because of the amazing benefits it has brought me. My skin used to appear very red, blotchy & dry skin (especially in the winter months). Using Zyderma improved the appearance of my skin right away. It goes on super smooth and doesn’t leave you feeling oily.

My skin would react every time makeup was used on me too. Now I just put Zyderma on underneath as a barrier to avoid the appearance of such problems. Recently, a makeup artist said my skin looked amazing!

I also maintain healthy skin by drinking a ton of water daily, making sure I sweat at least once a day and maintain a steady face wash routine.

Zyderma: Nicole's Skin Care Story

I literally LOVE your product! ❤️

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