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I have been using Zyderma HS for more than two weeks and find this product absolutely fantastic for sensitive - acne prone skin. I use two pumps to spread over my face and neck area. I have noticed reduced redness around sensitive areas and it has maintained skin pimple-free. What I love about the product is how lightweight it is - I even forget I have it on. I highly recommend this product to anyone that would like to maintain their skin healthy without chemicals irritating the skin.

Summer Make-up Tip:
You can also use it as a primer underneath some powder for a natural look during the summer time. This product is gentle and does not dry out your skin like other acne products in the market.



We learned about Zyderma through INBETWEEN magazine this past spring and decided to give it a try for our 14-year-old son who has problem skin. Zyderma worked quickly to reduce the redness and irritation on his face. It also helped to reduce the number of blemishes on his face. We're so happy we tried Zyderma!



As an esthetician myself, I love my profession but with severe eczema it always caused me to hold back. With both of my girls in the same profession they are always trying to find a way to help me and others with skin disorders. The quick way to treat this disease is either with a lot of steroids or cortisone, which plays havoc with your skins natural cycle. Eczema causes swelling, redness and is uncontrollably itchy. It also looks terrible and can really turn a sane person insane!!! Emilee found Zyderma and of course used me as the Ginny pig, not only does it help with my inflammation! It can treat many skin problems and amazingly can be used as a deodorant which in my case is incredible!! Having a skin disease is not only painful, but it's appearance isn't very attractive. I am grateful and not because we are endorsing this product , because I have something that doesn't irritate my skin and has given me some hope that I maybe able treat this without thinning my skin and making my skin age faster than necessary!! Thanks Zyderma!!

Jenn from JEM Aesthetics & Skincare Clinic


Post Waxing: Usually, when I wax my chest, I break out after. I used Zyderma immediately after treatment and next day... No breakout!



My struggle with acne began in high school. As a teen I tried everything on the market and nothing worked. Proactive irritated my skin, prescription acne topical medications irritated my skin. After two rounds of Accutane my skin cleared somewhat but with physical side effects from the medication. I found out about Zyderma on an Instagram Post about green beauty. All I can say is WOW. I wish I had found it sooner. At 31, I thought acne was behind me but after having kids it began again. Zyderma has helped clear my skin with no unpleasant irritation or side effects. I use it twice a day and it goes on & stays on very well under my moisturizer and makeup. I notice a difference and people around me notice a difference. I will be re-purchasing again and again.

Jackie L.


Absolutely love this product. I'm a spa owner and my clients love it after laser treatments. I have solar dermatitis and within two days this cream worked better then any medicated creams have worked. Love love!!!

Neha Sharda at Surya Med Spa


Before you try antibiotics and tropical prescription creams try Zyderma. I wish I had. My son was on antibiotics and prescription creams for over two years; we were giving up... nothing worked. One week with Zyderma morning and night that's all it took. Results were instant! Both my older kids now use it for maintenance. My husband and older daughter use it for eczema. Truly amazing, a small amount is needed for great and most importantly lasting results. I believe every household with teens needs to have Zyderma on hand. It truly helps with the awkward teenage years.



"Zyderma's Clarifying Cream has saved my skin!!! I have recommended it to my friends constantly. After only a week of using it in the morning and night, it has completely reduced redness and swelling from acne. After two weeks of use, my acne scars are going away! This is a miraculous product that doesn't make use of harsh chemicals! Amazing!!! Plus the service and help from the staft has been outstanding! Thank you!!!!❤️"



"Its amazing and its the only cream that suits me. Used several products before and they only gave me temporary relief but Zyderma maintains my pimple-free face now big thanks to the one who introduced me this ❤️"



"We use Zyderma and recommend it to our clients. They are of all ages and skin types. I love this product. Not only is it easy to use but it is a great skin-friendly alternative for those concerned with side effects, especially those with sensitive skin. Such great support and customer service from your company as well. If I have an issue, concern or comment they get back to me immediately. My orders are always on time and always correct. I am very pleased with this product. Thank you, Zyderma!"
The Anti-Aging Skin Clinic


"I recently ordered Zyderma based on recommendations given online for Hidradenitis Suppurativa, a condition that I deal with. I applied the Zyderma topically and noticed results literally overnight, with significant reduction in pain and swelling. This product is non-irritating and odor-free. I highly recommend it to anyone with skin conditions that could benefit from an antimicrobial formula."



"As Owner/Operator of Glam Goes Green & Serenity on the Humber Day Spa, I know how effective Zyderma's Clarifying Cream has been for my clients who have acne prone skin. It has helped with eczema and rosacea clients too. Great stuff! Recently, I experienced my own "WOW!" moment after suffering from an acute rash in my underarm. I'd applied a baking soda deodorant immediately after shaving. Ouch! Over a few days, I'd tried different remedies and nothing helped. I remembered Zyderma and its list of benefits; and, decided to give it a try. I applied the cream before bed and the next morning... WOW! My skin was completely back to normal. No more redness or inflammation! What a relief. I'm happy to be able to add my own testimonial to your reviews. Thanks Zyderma!"

Lisa Smith Morgan at Glam Goes Green & Serenity on the Humber Day Spa


"Big shout out to the team at Zyderma! They have helped my clinic grow with this amazing product, it is the best acne treatment I have ever sold in 8 years being a Medical Skin Therapist. Thank you for being my favorite supplier and changing the lives of so many of my patients." 

Mia Liefso at Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa


“Yesterday as part of our spring-cleaning, we took tubs of loose change to the grocery store and used the coin counting machine. After we were done we realized our hands were probably crawling with germs! Without hand sanitizer or wipes, I was freaking out! I remembered the bottle of Zyderma in my purse and we used that to kill off any bacteria. I was surprised how fast I calmed down LOL! I guess that’s trust. Thanks, Zyderma.”



"I was given a sample of Zyderma a few months ago and I can't believe that it actually works! It reduces the redness in my face almost immediately. It's helping to heal my eczema and my acne. I'm very impressed by this product, and can say that I would actually pay money to keep using it. High five to science."



"I am 70 years old and very pleased with the Zyderma product. After reading the experiences of those who have used Zyderma and then trying it for myself, I can now say that I too am a believer in this product's positive results! For some time, I have had two toenails with a fungal infection. I’d used several other products with almost no effect, nor positive result. After regularly applying a very small amount (a drop) of Zyderma daily, there is now solid nail growth and at this point in time, appears to be clearing up. Thanks, Zyderma HS! "



"2 years my son was on prescription drugs and cream for his acne. The cream would dry and flake his now irritated skin. Three days with Zyderma and the result are fantastic. His face is clear! All he has left are some blackheads. This stuff is amazing. His has discontinued the original meds and creams. He is currently only using Zyderma morning and night."



"I’ve had more frequent breakouts in the past month. I’ve also gotten that deep cystic acne that you can’t see but hurts a lot, which I have gotten very rarely in the past but is now all over my face. It’s not pleasant. I’ve been using this every day before I put on my makeup and I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin. The healing time of any blemishes is greatly reduced, and my skin has slowly been getting back to normal. It doesn’t take a lot of product to see a difference either, so while pricey, I think that you’re getting your money’s worth."



"I would just like to thank you for producing such a fantastic product. I am 60 years old and have always had problem skin. I have literally tried every product out there and also seen dermatologists on occasion. I have been using your product for two weeks now and can't believe the difference!"



"I have so many wonderful things to say about the Clarifying Cream! My daughter has eczema and we used it at my friend’s house while visiting last month - worked like a charm! My daughter is a walking, talking billboard for Zyderma HS! I usually don't have so many good things to say about a product but this one did wonders for my daughters skin. Her eczema is mild/moderate and often becomes very chapped with the winter winds. I should mention that I love it myself!"



"Zyderma is a fantastic product. There is no scent or harsh chemicals and applies on your skin smoothly. My 14 year old son was growing self conscious over his acne. Zyderma cleared his skin in less than a week and today, he is very happy. I am now using Zyderma HS for myself with great results. The bottom line is that it works effectively on acne-prone skin!"



"A marvelous product. 4 drs each gave me a RX to clear up infection on my leg and after 1 year it was still there. It was suggested that I try Zyderma HS and after only 3 weeks you can see the difference. It is starting to fade & I am hoping it will be gone completely very soon. Thank you Zyderma HS."



"My son is a typical teenager, as he has bouts of acne. To combat this, he has used the typical products on the market but his skin often looked sore as it always did not work."

"One day, he took off his shirt at home and to my shock, his back was covered in acne! I found Zyderma on the Internet and decided to give it a try. It was the best purchase I could have made. After applying it for three days, his skin cleared up. He now uses this on a regular basis. His back and face are clear from any blemishes."

"I hope others with acne will find it as he says that it does not dry out his skin and it feels good. This is a great product!"



"I have now been using this great product for a while now for my HS and I love it , it significantly reduces the flare ups and pain associated with this horrible skin condition. I also recommend for acne ! Thanks Zyderma..."



"Due to a health issue, my immune system is poor and I am always dealing with varied, annoying infections and rashes. I was give a sample for skin care..acne at 66...and it has really helped. I have also used it in the folds of skin on hot days and it reduces heat rash and yeast infections. Last, but not least, I decided to apply it to my toes to see if it would help combat a fungus that I had been fighting for about two years. Used in conjunction with traditional treatments it has made a huge improvement and I am no longer embarassed to wear open toes sandals..It's definitely worth a try!"



"I purchased this a few weeks ago and started using it for facial acne and it cleared it up quick. I also had a cyst growing in the crease of my leg and I figured I would just try this and it really worked AMAZING!!!! Will never go back to using benzyl peroxide, especially since it drys out my skin. Zyderma HS cleared the acne up with no flaking or drying out the area and healed much faster. I LOVE ZYDERMA HS, THANK YOU!!"