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Cait's Skin Care Story

Cait, of everydaycait.com, was introduced to our Clarifying Cream when she received a 1 oz bottle in her September 2013 Chatelaine Topbox. Thank you Cait, for taking the time to plan out your Before & After photos! Great to see the difference the cream has made.

"I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin."

September 2013 - Zyderma HS Clarifying Cream: Time for Science

Since returning from the US, I’ve had some problems with my skin. The air on the east coast is considerably more humid than what I had gotten used to in the mountains and my skin hasn’t appreciated that. I’ve had more frequent breakouts in the past month. I’ve also gotten that deep cystic acne that you can’t see but hurts a lot, which I have gotten very rarely in the past but is now all over my face. It’s not pleasant.

I’ve been using this every day before I put on my makeup and I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin. The healing time of any blemishes is greatly reduced, and my skin has slowly been getting back to normal. It doesn’t take a lot of product to see a difference either, so while pricey, I think that you’re getting your money’s worth. It's odorless, and blends in without any tint or greasiness.

January 2014 - Zyderma Update

I mostly used this to deal with my skin both after I had chicken pox and then on subsequent period breakouts. Supposedly you stop getting acne when you’re not a teenager anymore. I’m still waiting. Anyway. I’ve been putting the Clarifying Cream on every time I am having a bad skin day, and it has exceeded my expectations.

My spots heal up faster when I’m using this. As well, when my chicken pox was scarring over, it scarred much less on my face where I was using this than anywhere else on my body.

I had said in my last post that I was skeptical about this product, but I’ve been convinced. The science of how this product works is really sound and I’ve seen real effects from using it. It’s an excellent product. It fixes all of my skin problems really quickly, and I highly recommend it if you want your skin problems cleared up fast. It would also probably work better if you used it everyday... it's not that I don't want to use it all the time, I'm just very forgetful.

March 2014 - Zyderma Update with Before & After Photos

The red mark on my cheek, from chicken pox, had been there for almost three months before I started using the Clarifying Cream. I waited a long time before I started using the cream on it because I wanted to make sure that it wasn't going to be healing any more on its own. It hadn't changed colour or texture in more than a month when I started using Zyderma on it, and then I had incredible results in just two weeks, so I have no doubts that it was this cream that made it better. The third image is three weeks of using Zyderma twice a day (morning and night).

After using Zyderma, the redness decreased a lot and the area of the scar feels much smoother. It really worked wonders. It’s almost completely unnoticeable now.

Zyderma: Cait's Skin Care Story

After 3 weeks of use.

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Jun 24, 2015 • Posted by Mary

Before you try antibiotics and tropical prescription creams try Zyderma. I wish I had. My son was on antibiotics and prescription creams for over two years; we were giving up nothing worked. One week with Zyderma morning and night that’s all it took.
Results were instant.
Both my older kids now use it for maintenance. My husband and older daughter use it for eczema. Truly amazing, a small amount is needed for great and most importantly lasting results.
I believe every household with teens needs to have Zyderma on hand. It truly helps with the awkward teenage years.

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