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How to Manage Maskne

To say that this is a crazy time in our lives is an understatement; and like you, we are navigating this new chapter while wearing a mask to protect one another.

If you're reading this post, its likely you've already been managing your skin prior to the pandemic, and know the benefits of our Clarifying Cream to support the skin. That said, with wearing a mask you may experience a new issue referred to as, maskne. 

What is maskne and why does it happen?

Well, as the name suggests, maskne is a type of breakout that results from wearing a face mask &/or a face shield for an extended period of time. It occurs when sweat, oil and bacteria become trapped on your skin. The friction from the mask adds to the problem causing irritation, inflammation and blemishes. Primary areas affected are the bridge of your nose, cheeks, chin and in the case of a face shield, your forehead. 

Prevention and Care.

Mask Care:

Always wear a clean mask! If you are using a reusable mask you want to make sure to clean it in-between uses and frequently wash fabric masks with fragrance-free detergents suitable for sensitive skin. Having multiple masks to rotate through throughout the week is a smart strategy.

Skin Care:

Since there's really no getting around wearing a mask while in public (grocery stores, gyms, workplace, school, etc.), now's the time to treat skin as gently as possible on a daily basis. 

Wash up. Choose a facial cleanser that cleanses impurities from the skin without stripping the lipid barrier. Our Gentle Foaming Cleanser fits this description to a tee.

Keep skin smooth & healthy looking. Gently exfoliate daily to encourage cell renewal and unclog pores while respecting the integrity of the stratum corneum. Our Konjac Facial Sponge with Tourmaline is perfectly suited for all skin types.

Manage the environment under your mask. Apply our Clarifying Cream to provide a light layer of moisture, along with the unique benefits of micronized silver to deactivate bacteria. The silver will remain upon the skins surface all day until rinsed away. 

Put on a clean mask and you're ready to go!

Wishing you, your family and friends peace & good health!


Kelly & Rick
Co-Founders of Zyderma

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