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Earth Day 2021

Happy Earth Day!

From the time our kiddos and even their little friends were old enough to walk & talk, we have taken them out to help with community clean-ups, and throughout the year, to keep our neighbourhood clean and the wild-life safe. This sense of community was instilled in me as a kiddo too, when we planted trees with my mom (wish I had a pic of that). lol That was a long time ago before tree planting really took off. I remember the feeling of accomplishment and knowing I was helping the environment. Its these formative moments that guide us into the future to help us make good decisions as adults (hopefully) Rick and I are guided by a sense of responsibility to do well by our community and globally both within our personal lives and Zyderma. We aren’t perfect but we are committed to trying.

From the inception of Zyderma, 11 years ago, we made sure to choose cruelty-free and Eco-certified ingredients for our hero product, the Clarifying Cream. Our bottle selection an airless PET plastic that could be recycled (when separated from the pump) and serves as part of the product’s preservative system.

Our recent products were created purposefully with organic and certified ingredients; and we were always mindful of the packaging too, from our compostable Konjac Sponge with Tourmaline to the generous size of our 150ml Gentle Foaming cleanser. This bottle, albeit plastic, was chosen so that it could be reused & refilled with our Concentrate/Refill, housed in reusable glass and recyclable paper tube. And, now with our new FAT9 Complexion soaps being sold either naked or dressed in 100% PCR Paper, we’re making strides to do better every step of the way.

That said, we see room for improvement. That is why we’ve decided NOT to proceed with offering our Clarifying Cream Xela Pack samples once we have sold through our current supply. While they are a great option, it wasn’t as successful as hoped, plus it’s a costly endeavour with a number of recycling challenges. The travel sized 50ml Foaming Cleanser bottles will also continue to be sold until we run out. In the meantime, we’re actively seeking ecofriendly sampling options for both products because let’s be honest, everyone loves to sample. Stay tuned!

Last but not least, in fact even BIGGER, the plastic bottles for the Clarifying Cream are going to be updated! We are in the process of sourcing an option that will be suitable and sustainable. What you may not realize is that when brands change packaging, stability and challenge tests must be performed to ensure the product and packaging are compatible. It all takes time. Stay tuned on this too!

So, as you can see, Earth Day really is everyday for us at Zyderma! We hope you will also make mindful and meaningful choices in your everyday life. They don’t have to happen all at once or be overwhelming, but step by step, take time to think about how you spend your hard-earned money, and the impact your choices make in your community and around the world.

Need inspiration to help make a change? Check out these foundations, organizations and local activists who are leading the way and making a difference in the world. Also visit our Recycle With Us page to discover which of our stockists have drop off boxes for recyclable cosmetic containers.

Please feel free to add to the list in the comments below. Let's share the community love!!!











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