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Mindful #InstaLove

The other day while browsing, commenting and liking various Instagram posts one in particular stood out to me from a young woman. She wrote about her struggles with various product and how she had changed her diet and her attitude towards her health. She reported that her skin appearance had improved greatly.

Commenters left encouraging thoughts and praise for her. As I nodded in agreement and liked her post I felt good about supporting this young woman's choices. Good for her! She’s taking control of her health and making a positive difference.

A few days later, I had this nagging thought in the back of my head. Has that ever happened to you where thoughts creep in and gnaw away because something needs to be addressed? Well for me it was about this girl's post. Why?!

It occurred to me that in her post the young woman had expressed feelings about her appearance and they weren't all good feelings. She felt that she still didn't look as good as she’d hoped to and was frustrated. I liked her post which didn't seem wrong because I felt as though I was supporting her but have since realized I was “Liking” as a brand, and did not leave a comment. What could she possibly be thinking about that? I worry she may interpret that to mean that she needs help. When in fact, she doesn't. I should have been more mindful.

She isn't a client, likely not even aware of us but now she is, and what sort of message has she been left with despite good intention? Maybe I’m over thinking this but because the thoughts have stuck with me I feel the need to address them. Trouble is… I have no idea who she is or her account!

So, if you are the young woman who recently posted about your skin challenges and the changes you've made to look and feel your best... Here is the comment I should have left:

“You are wise to explore new ways toward good health! And are brave to share your inner most thoughts and feelings. You look beautiful!

Kelly Muciy, Co-founder

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Apr 22, 2021 • Posted by Fadila Ali

Hi Kelly,
This is a lovely post. What I’m about to say is no flattery, but simple honesty.
As a business owner in the business of caring for skin, you had an opportunity to PITCH this potential client.
Yet… you were just happy and satisfied she was happy with where she was skin-wise.
It shows that you’re not just in the business of selling your solutions… you’re in the business of just caring and being happy for people enjoying great skin— whether it’s through you or not.
That’s great.
It’s not something you see every day.
And the lil’ message you wrote is really sweet.
Hope she finds it.

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