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Skin Tips for Your Wedding Day

Congratulations, you're getting married! It's almost your wedding day and you've been preparing for months. It's going to be great! However, you're starting to feel a bit tired and stressed as you reach the finish line. Sleep eludes you as you lie awake thinking about what's next on the to-do-list. Your diet has also been sketchy from too many taste tests and parties. And the strain is starting to show on your face, with the appearance of redness & irritation. Sound about right?

To help your skin look “dewy & not ewy”, we recommend eating foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals along with drinking plenty of water to improve your skin's appearance. Avoid aggravating your skin further with products containing harsh ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that may leave your skin dry, red, inflamed and possibly peeling.

Further to that, you may be tired but DO NOT go to sleep with your make-up on! Leaving trapped dirt and bacteria on your skin will only make matters worse. Before bed, remove your make-up, wash your face with a mild cleanser such as our gentle exfoliating FAT9 Complexion soaps, and then apply our Clarifying Cream. These simply steps are an easy and gentle way to help with your daily skin care battles, including maskne.

The cream can be used anywhere on your body. Example: if you're wearing a backless or strapless dress, feel free to apply where needed. Be sure to share with your partner too! 

While you sleep the micronized silver cleanses the skin of microorganisms and helps to improve the appearance of your skin. If used as directed, your skin may show significant improvement, often within days of using it as directed. Apply the cream again in the morning on freshly cleansed skin for best results.

Worried about how it may affect your make-up?  Clients love our Clarifying Cream as a primer, as it helps avoid the colonization of microbes underneath makeup. Many have claimed that they only apply their makeup once, because now it lasts longer too. So while you are greeting guests, toasting, and dancing our cream with micronized silver will be working on your skin, as it has a long-lasting microbial cleansing activity.

With everything planned to the finest detail, don't forget your skin!  Look your best and say,"YES!" when the photographer asks "Are you ready for your close-up?


Mar 18, 2018 • Posted by Zyderma

Hello Kelly, Great question! The Clarifying Cream is a gentle way of helping problematic skin. It is not a drug and has no contraindications.

We recommend that it should not be used in conjunction with topical acne medications or therapies. As some are designed to cause the skin to peel, placing the cream on top of the medication would hold the acne medication for a prolonged period of time, causing an irritation.

Instruction for use: simply wash and dry the affected area and place the cream on the skin. Do not wash the cream off. Do this procedure once in the morning and again at night before going to sleep. Within days, your skin should look much better.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with additional questions.

Feb 15, 2018 • Posted by Kelly

What is the issue with using this product with Salicylic acid? I have to use these kind of face wash as it works best for me. Will it effect the effectiveness of the product?

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