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Minimize Body Odour

Imagine you’re going in for a job interview, a first date, or are about to give a huge speech. What’s the one thing that always comes up? The thing that dampens your self confidence, and maybe even your outfit? Sweat, and the body odour that comes with it.

Body odour is a totally natural and normal part of being human. Sometimes, however, this body odour reaches a point, where it is almost unmanageable. 

From nervous sweats, to working out, to simply running around town living your normal life- body odour can make a significant impact on someone’s confidence and self worth. 

When it comes to remedying excessive body odour, the options are endless these days. Some people choose to use antiperspirants or deodorants, without realizing, that they serve different purposes. While many products do both, deodorants are meant to control odour, while antiperspirants are designed to control sweating. A common topic of discussion in the skincare world, revolves around the negative impacts of conventional deodorants. Which leaves people who struggle with excessive body odour in quite a predicament. They want to be able to minimize body odour, without the risk of exposing themselves to harmful chemicals.

If this is you, the Zyderma® HS Clarifying Cream may just be what you’re looking for. Before we can understand how it works, we must first take a look at how other odour minimizers fall short, and in turn- how that affects our bodies. 

Although it’s easy to think of the skin as a protective barrier (which it is), it’s also an intelligent organ. The human body’s largest organ, in fact. This organ is somewhat permeable. Which means that anything that is on it, can potentially be absorbed into our bloodstream. 

The skin absorbs an average of 64% of contaminants that it’s exposed to (1). Some areas of the body that are considered more permeable, such as the armpits and genitalia, may absorb as much as 100% of contaminants (2). Some fragrances and perfumes also have been shown to be 100% absorbed by the body (3).

That means that up to 100% of the chemicals, endocrine disruptors, and artificial scents that may be in your deodorant, are going through your armpits, directly into your bloodstream.

So what’s the big deal? In many places in the world, the skincare and cosmetics industry is largely unregulated, or self regulated. Which means that companies can fill their products with harmful ingredients, without having to face any repercussions. These harmful ingredients are in turn pumped into our bodies. 

The armpits are one of the gateways to the lymphatic system. This is one of the body’s prime areas for excreting waste. Being home to twenty lymph nodes, these nodes make immune cells to help the body fight infection. They also filter lymph fluid which helps the body remove foreign materials, like those found in conventional odour minimizers. Some of the ingredients in these products, not only block sweat, but also block the body’s ability to effectively drain waste.The armpits are also right next to sensitive tissues around the chest. So besides exposing yourself to harmful chemicals, other ingredients such as aluminum, block waste from being able to filter out, leaving this tissue at risk. 

With this in mind, health-conscious companies are making concerted efforts to provide clean and healthy options for minimizing odour. Some of your favourite conventional options may seem cleaner and greener too, but if you are genuinely committed to converting to a clean brand, be diligent about researching your products. Paying close attention to ingredients, will help you avoid buying products that are simply “green washing”.

On the other hand, many of these odour minimizers are from honest companies, that use top quality ingredients, with the best of intentions. But they still may not work for everyone. 

Many of these deodorants leave a white, chalky residue that leave marks on clothes. Certain fragrance additives, although all natural, may still cause irritation. Especially in an area as sensitive as the armpits. Another common complaint, is that they simply don’t work. That sometimes they seem about as effective as wearing nothing at all. This is especially true, if you are used to the sweat blocking power of conventional antiperspirants. 

So let’s say you’ve found a favourite deodorant that smells incredible, doesn’t give you any irritation, and perhaps even minimizes perspiration- it still might not be perfect, especially by the end of the day. In the world of body odour, we’re all looking for the holy grail. While that may not exist, it is time to think outside the (deodorant) box.

At this point, you may be wondering, what causes body odour after all? We’re all familiar with sweating. Some of us are more prone to it than others. There are many factors to take into account that affect how much and how often someone sweats. Where you live, the temperature, humidity levels, and genetics- all contribute to sweat levels. 

Sweat however, does not necessarily equate to body odour. Body odour comes from the mixing of bacteria on certain areas of the body, with the proteins and fats in your sweat. Once sweat has been on the skin for about an hour, bacteria on the body works to break it down. This is when body odour kicks in. All this can be worsened by poor diet, foods such as garlic and curry, certain medications and medical conditions, and cigarettes and alcohol consumption. When fatty acids and ammonia break down on the skin, it may result in a more musty or rancid smell.The higher the amount of bacteria on the skin, the more body odour someone may have (4). 

So what’s an armpit to do? An incredible alternative to those mentioned above is Zyderma HS Clarifying Cream. A multi-purpose product that’s scientifically formulated, yet all naturally derived, and made with eco-friendly ingredients.

Zyderma HS utilizes micronized silver. A purely elemental silver, whose large particles protect the skin’s natural microbial barrier, while protecting it from skin staining microorganisms. These silver particles are large enough, that they do not penetrate the skin and mucosal tissue. When the moisture of our skin interacts with the silver particles, they produce a continuous supply of silver ions. When these silver ions bind to the bacteria on the skin, they deactivate their ability to feed and reproduce. This nips odour causing bacteria in the bud.

Instead of harming the skin’s ecosystem by destroying its natural flora, the micronized silver helps to optimize and re-balance this intricate system. Having a healthy skin biome, is key to maintaining a healthy immune system, and overall health. When this system is overwhelmed by our environment and opportunistic bacteria, skin conditions can develop or be worsened. Including those that cause excessive body odour. 

In an effort to “green” your skincare routine, one of the first places you look when researching products, is the ingredients list. The Clarifying Cream list is short and sweet- containing only six ingredients! All while being free of parabens, propylene glycol, fragrances, and dyes. While there are no added preservatives, the silver acts as such, thanks to its incredible microbial power.

Microsilver BG has been clinically proven, and put to use by hospitals throughout Europe and North America for everything from wound dressing, to dental implants, to treating various skin conditions. Which means that it’s more than qualified to handle your body odour!

The Clarifying Cream is simple to use. Start with clean, dry pits- then simply apply the product under your arms, and you’re good to go! It can also be applied as a “deodorant primer” working as an extra layer of protection, under your go-to products. When used under other products, the micronized silver remains on the surface of the skin to keep doing its job of cleansing microbials. Adding to its many benefits, the Clarifying Cream is perfect to use after any type of hair removal, from shaving to laser. It is clear upon application, which means no more white marks on your favorite shirts. 

It is safe for all skin types and ages, even those on the sensitive side. Zyderma’s Clarifying Cream is dermatologist tested as being non-irritant and hypoallergenic. Thanks to its gentle nature, you can use as much, as often as needed. So feel free to reapply after every dip in the pool or shower. It can last up to 24 hours, or until rinsed off. 

A little more about Zyderma’s Clarifying Cream: All ingredients are Ecocert, meeting ecological standards for natural and bio-cosmetics. Being Leaping Bunny, and PETA approved, means that it’s totally animal friendly.

Zyderma HS products respect and work harmoniously with your skin’s natural function. This is where science meets nature. They strive to lead the pack in effective, eco-scientific products. Ones that are backed by research, while still being environmentally safe and friendly.

What industry professionals are saying!

Is this all sounding too good to be true? Well, we asked some experts on the effectiveness of Zyderma for reducing odour causing bacteria. 

Kylie Riggin, Business Manager of Skön Laser Clinic – Milton, ON Canada

As a mother teen girls, ages 12 & 13, I am always searching for natural, healthy products that actually work. My goal is to teach them to keep their hygiene routines simple and clean. We started with Zyderma’s Clarifying Cream on their face after they wash, as a preventive step for the inevitable stage of puberty. We also began to use the Clarifying Cream under their underarms after shaving to help prevent any irritation, but were pleasantly surprised when we noticed that it helped to prevent odour throughout the day for them too. Both girls are very active and after many failed attempts at other natural deodorants they are extremely happy to have found something that works for them!

Laura Linsenmayer, Founder of Roots the Beauty Underground – Laguna Beach, CA USA

When a client comes in to the store, and says, ”My deodorant has stopped working for me” OR ”I’ve been getting rashes from my deodorant.” I ALWAYS begin by recommending Zyderma’s Clarifying Cream as a primer! Even for the most sensitive skin, it will act as a microbial cleansing base that provides even more support for the deodorant to properly do its job. Pairing the Clarifying Cream with deodorant is what we call an “insurance policy”.

Brigitte Hermans, Founder of The FitHive by Briggite - Toronto, ON Canada

“I have only ever used deodorant for odour protection, and Zyderma’s Clarifying Cream has been able to keep odour away through tough, sweaty workouts and long summer days. I have tried and tested, and it does not stain my clothes, during a workout or regular day. As a primer, before the natural deodorant application, Zyderma has helped immensely to keep odour away all day long.

Courtney Bruno, Licensed Esthetician, San Diego, CA USA

Zyderma’s Clarifying Cream is a magical multi-functional product for an everyday routine. Several of my clients were having a tough time finding the right non toxic deodorant, whether they were just starting their "clean" journey or had been struggling for quite some time. They have ALL had MAJOR success with applying the cream before their deodorant to help with body odour. Personally I have had success too! Like I said, M A G I C!

Being pro approved, animal approved, and planet approved- Zyderma’s Clarifying Cream may just be the answer you’ve been looking for when it comes to controlling your body odour, and more. 


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